The Man Who Saves the World (1982)

The Man Who Saves the World is a Turkish made b-movie, and is extremely bad.  This movie is often called the Turkish Star Wars due to how often it uses clips from Star Wars.  The first ten minutes or so is nothing but footage from Star Wars, and I’m pretty sure I saw some footage from Battlestar Galactica.


Let’s move on to the plot, which I’m not sure what it is.  The film is in Turkish, and has English subtitles, and this may be where I got lost.  From what I could gather, humans live on more then one planet now, but these planets are being destroyed by some alien.  Two humans crash on a human ruled planet, and learn this is where their ancestor are from.  The alien from earlier is trying to take over the galaxy, and discovers that the humans best weapon is their brain so he must get one (only humans have brains) to beat them.  It’s very confusing, and I’ve read that it isn’t necessarily a translation issue, because the film is confusing even if you understand Turkish.


Truth time, I didn’t finish the film.  I got around 30 minutes in and could no longer stand the sound production, it is TERRIBLE.  For example, if there is background noise and someone begins to speak, the background noise suddenly gets quieter when they talk, and raises in volume after the dialogue.  Another example of the bad sound production is in the fight scenes, whenever a punch is thrown the music stops for a brief second, it is the weirdest thing.  Oh and the music, it’s the Indiana Jones theme song, they straight up ripped that too!  But what got me to stop watching this movie was at about 25 minutes in, a bunch of mummies are revived.  They begin attacking and the scene has so much noise, it was too much to handle.  I couldn’t stand this movie anymore, it is so horrible.  I thought it was going to be one of those so bad it’s good movies, and it MAY be if watched with a group of friends like The Room, but if you’re going solo I would advise staying far away from The Man Who Saves the World.