SLC Punk (1999)

SLC Punk is an interesting movie that deals with recent college graduates Stevo (Matthew Lillard) and Heroin Bob (Michael Goorjian) who are punks living in Salt Lake City Utah.  SLC’s punk scene is non-existent until Stevo and Bob create it.  I decided to watch this movie because it was under the “Comedy” section of Netflix, yet I don’t think it really belongs there.  It seemed to be more of a coming of age movie then a comedy, but is still done well.

The main idea behind the story is that Steveo has to learn to grow up, he is a punk who lives only in the present for chaos and anarchy, and does not think about the future.  In reality this could describe any scene that is labeled as “rebelious “.

What I like about this movie is the way the narration is done.  Sometimes it is Stevo doing a voice over, other times you see him narrating his life as it’s happening, like maybe it’s some form of reality TV Show.  For example, he is at a party introducing characters, and he just goes from one to the next explaining things about them.  The way he talks is also interesting, I feel like this guy is a punk.

The only complaint I have with this film is that there is no real plot, only a series of events that happened.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just took me half of the movie to realize I was waiting for a non-existent plot to show up.  For what it is, SLC Punk is a good movie, and will probably move you a bit.

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