Scream (1996)

Scream is a movie that all slasher films should try to emulate.  The characters are likeable, tension builds nicely, doesn’t rely on jump scares and loud noises, and it does it all while being a satire of horor films.  Wes Craven is the master of suspense and bassicaly takes the genre of slasher horor movies and says, “look, this is how you make a good slasher film.”

The film stars Neve Campbell as Sydnee Prescott, a high school student in the town of Woodsboro.  Over the course of the film we learned that Sydnee’s mother was raped and murdered one year before the movie takes place.  The event isn’t just mentioned once and then forgoten about, it keeps making its way into the story.  For example, because of the rape and murder of her mother, Sydnee is very uptight about her viginity which is another pleasent change from other horor films where the characters are always having sex. 

Courtney Cox plays Gale Weathers, a news reporter that wrote a book on the events of Sydnee’s Mother, creating tension between Sydnee and Gale.  The film casts David Arquette as Deputy Dewey, a kind hearted law official who is friends with Sydnee.  A sub-plot of the film is the relationship between Dewey and Gale, Gale using Dewey to get closer to the crim sceenes, for example the school after an attempted Ghost Face attack on Sydnee, and Dewey actually falling for Gale.  The  two eventualy end up together in the film.

Scream falls under the “Who is the killer” genre, with everyone being a suspect.  The film takes it self seriously and at the same time as an underlying sarcastic tone.  The characters realize the “rules” of horror movies, with Randy(Jamie Kennedy) being the expert on them.  He lays out the rules, such as everyone being a suspect.



My favorite sceene is near the begining, Billy(Skeet Ulrich), Sydnee’s boyfriend, sneeks in through her window and they are having a tender moment.  In the background an acoustic cover of Blue Öyster Cult’s (Don’t Fear) The Reaper.  While it sounds nice in the background it’s eerie when you realize the lyrics are informing you to not fear death basicaly.  Shortly after this sceene Sydnee is attack by Ghost Face for the first time.  But what I really like about this sceene is in the end Billy turns out to be one of the two killers.  It’s so awesome, words can not describe hoe much I love this sceene


This is a great horror movie that any horror fan should see.  Wes Craven does a wonderful job with this film and I recomend you go and watch it.

Weird Science (1985)

Weird Science tells the story of two nerdy teenage friends, Gary Wallace (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt Donnelly (Ilan Mitchell-Smith), who create a beautiful women, Lisa (Kelly LeBrock), through the use of science.  Lisa, through a series of events, mange to give the boys self confidence and respect from others, putting this movie in the “coming of age” genre.  To be honest, the main reason I watched this film is because I love the title track.  I have fond memories of listening to my fathers “Best of the 80’s” CD that included Oingo Boingo’s song, Weird Science.  When I realized the movie was written and directed by John Hughes (Ferris Bueller, Breakfast Club, Vacation) I was even more excited to watch it.  Sadly, after about the first half-hour,  I was disappointed with what I was seeing.

The two main characters are depicted early on as nerds.  They watch the girls gymnastics team practice, dream of being invited to parties, and are bullied by other students.  While I don’t particularly like the 80’s nerd, especial those who also always tuck in their shirts, have glasses, and are in av club/chess club/etc.  I’ve learned to accept that, many times, this is how they are depicted.  However this is not my main gripe about the film.  What I really dislike about the film is that Lisa can just create things out of thin air.  For example she makes cars, a gun, a gang of mutant bikers and more, and, as far to my knowledge, it is never explained why she can do this.  Even the thought of Lisa is mind puzzling, she is a women downloaded into a Barbie doll and then made larger through I guess science.  I honestly think the movie should be called Weird Magic, because science can’t do everything.

This movie actually reminds me of this TV movie I saw a long time ago called Life-Sized(2000) in which Lindsay Lohan brings a doll to life while trying to resurrect her dead mother.  Truthfully I don’t remember much of that film, and what I do remember I’ve already described.

However, despite what I’ve said about the Weird Science, it was still a decent watch.  The good parts were good, for example there is a scene where the kids are in the bar and I was actually laughing during the scene.  Even though the “science” aspect of the film irks me,  I say, “if you want to watch an 80’s movie this is an OK choice.”